What is RD WebServices?

RD WebServices is a collection of tools containing following products: RD AdvancedSecurity (Add-on), RD Gateway and RD WebAccess. Essentially, the functionality of our RD Gateway and RD WebAccess products is the same as Microsoft's Remote Desktop Roles of the same name but are not limited to Windows only.


RD Gateway

RD Gateway would be a simple "replacement" for VPN if only RDP connections to the company network have to be made. Virtually every RDP client offers the functionality to connect to the RDP server via an RD Gateway. RD Gateway is an SSL-RDP proxy, so like what an HTTP(s) proxy is for the web browser, the RD Gateway is for an RDP client.


RD WebAccess

RD WebAccess is a very intutive and convenient tool to distribute .rdp files. These .rdp files can also be automatically signed by the RD WebAccess server to avoid man-in-the middle attacks. However, no apps are executed in the browser, only our local RDP client is started with the stored connection information. RD WebAccess does not include any licences for any remote desktop hosts, it allows you to configure to which remote desktop hosts or apps, via which RD Gateway and with which connection properties .rdp files are created and distributed.


RD AdvancedSecurity (Add-on)

In order to add an additional layer of security to your RD WebServices instances, you can also enable additional features such as GeoIP & Bruteforce Protection, time controlled logons for users / groups and automatic certificate handling (ACME) by using this add-on.

Please note that RD AdvancedSecurity (Add-on) cannot be used as stand-alone software and requires either a RD WebAccess and/or a RD Gateway license.

Fig 1: Below is the configuration for deploying Thincast RD WebServices architecture to deliver Windows apps and desktops for end-users.

Fig 2: Define a personalised view of applications and desktops used for your employees or entire teams and save valuable time when setting up virtual workspaces.


Add an extra layer of security for your users with Thincast Authenticator available for Android and iOS. The first factor is the user's password and the second is provided via our mobile Thincast Authenticator.

Think security first.
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