Thincast Workstation Beta

Thincast Workstation Beta

The world's fastest Graphics-Accelerated Desktop Virtualization solution with full DirectX 11 3D support!

A powerful remote virtualization solution for Windows 64-bit with full DirectX 11 3D support. Thincast Workstation can run multiple operating systems as virtual machines on a single computer. You can access and manage them locally, remotely and even share them with others using the remote desktop protocol (RDP).

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Thincast V3D
Virtual 3D

Thincast V3D is a graphics virtualization technology which unleashes the full 3D power of your host GPU to your virtual machine:
  • 3D hardware acceleration:
    • DirectX 9/10
    • DirectX 11
    • DirectX 12 (Under development)
  • GPU sharing (Use a single GPU for multiple VMs)
  • Hardware accelerated video decoding (D3D11 and DXVA1/2)
  • Youtube video hardware acceleration in your favorite web browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

Thincast VDS
Virtual Desktop Streaming

Thincast VDS uses the hardware encoding power of your host GPU to stream your virtual desktops over RDP to any device:
  • Remote gaming support
  • Audio/Microphone redirection
  • Adaptive bandwidth adjustment
  • Uses the industry standard H.264 codec
  • Remote clipboard and file transfer
  • Fully compatible with every RDP client

Multi-user Access

Allows multiple users to view and access the same virtual machine simultaneously. This means that teams are able to work and collaborate more efficiently and independently of their location. Mutli-user access provides all features of Thincast VDS, like audio and clipboard redirection, for all participating parties.

Remote Management

In combination with our Thincast Client you can manage your virtual infrastracture remotely. Simply access, start and stop the virtual machines on your host from anywhere. If your host is in the same network scope you don't need any configuration at all thanks to our auto discovery feature.

Technical Specifications

System requirements

The host system must have a 64-bit Intel or AMD processor with 2.2 GHz or faster core speed. Multiprocessor systems are supported.

Memory and storage
The minimum memory required on the host system is 2 GB. 4 GB and above is recommended. Thincast Workstation needs at least 300MB of available disk space for the application.
We recommend to use a SSD hard drive as storage for the virtual machines.

Graphics card
Thincast Workstation provides full DirectX 11.2 support inside the guest operating system. This allows you to use your 3D applications with the same smooth and visual experience as running them on physical hardware.

In order to use hardware acceleration inside the VM your graphics card must support at least DirectX 11. Please note that the GPU software drivers must support DirectX 11 Feature Level 11.0. The following list shows supported GPUs but is subject to driver support for your operating system:

  • AMD® Radeon HD 5000 series or higher
  • Nvidia® GeForce 400 series or higher
  • Intel® HD Graphics 4000 or higher
If your hardware doesn't meet these requirements you are still able to run and use your VMs. Thincast Workstation will simply fall back to use software drawing for graphics operations. However please note that this results in much lower performance and you might be unable to run certain applications in the guest.

To improve performance for remotely accessed VMs, Thincast Workstation is able to offload encoding of the remote display stream to the graphics card. The following graphics cards are supported:

  • AMD® Radeon HD 7000 series (with AMF support) or higher
  • Nvidia® GeForce 600/700 series (with NVENC support) or higher
  • Intel® HD Graphics 4000 or higher

Latest graphics card driver on the host system are required! ³

³ Do not update your host's GPU driver or disable the GPU in your host's device manager while a guest machine is running on Thincast Workstation, otherwise the guest will crash.

Host operating systems

Thincast Workstation Beta requires a 64-bit Windows operating system with latest Service Packs installed:

  • Windows 7 ¹ / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 ¹ / 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2012 / 2016 ²
¹ Unfortunately there are some technical limitation on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 which decreases the performance of Thincast Workstation significantly. Therefore we highly recommend to upgrade your operating system to a Windows 8.1 or better!

² Please be aware when Microsoft Hyper-V role is installed on a Windows Server 2016 no other virtualization solution will work because Hyper-V is exclusively using the hardware virtualization layer feature VT-D!

Guest operating systems

Thincast V3D (Virtual 3D) is supported on following guest operating systems:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016


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