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Desktop virtualization


Version 1.1.532  •   •   •  Changelog
Version 1.1.532  •   •   •  Changelog

Thincast Remote Desktop Client is a free multi-platform RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Client based on FreeRDP for Linux, macOS and Windows.

It comes with a variety of modern features and can be integrated very easily into your existing infrastructure.

Using the Remote Desktop (RD) WebAccess Client you gain easy access to and control of published virtual machines (with Thincast Workstation), desktop sessions and applications.

Hardware-accelerated video decoding to extend the battery life of your device, ideal when working on the go.

Use Thincast Client to connect to a remote PC or to virtual applications and desktops provided by your system administrator.


Version 1.1.852  •   •   •  Changelog
Version 1.1.852  •   •   •  Changelog

Thincast Workstation is a powerful remote virtualization solution for Windows 64-bit with full Direct X 12.1 / Vulkan 3D API support inside virtual machines and applications.

The majority of companies expect their workforce to work partially remote.That is why companies are turning more and more to a hybrid workplace model to enable a seamless transition between the office and home.

Transform your workflow with Thincast Workstation for Windows and free your users and data from PCs, workstations, offices and distances.

By centralising data and moving business critical files in-house, manufacturers can protect their intellectual property and speed up the development process.

Download for free and try Thincast Workstation for 14-days.

RD (Remote Desktop) Web Services for Linux and Windows

RD Gateway

Version 1.2.1028.0  •   •   •  Changelog
Version 1.2.1028.0  •   •   •  Changelog

Secure connections and authenticate users with Thincast RD Gateway, the first multi-platform VPN alternative running natively on Linux and Windows.

Protect your company from RDP brute force or similar attacks, as your remote desktop servers are no longer visible on the internet.

Easy integration and compatibility with firewalls in public locations such as educational or governmental institutions is assured.

Download for free and try RD Gateway for 14-days.

RD WebAccess

Version 1.2.1028.0  •   •   •  Changelog
Version 1.2.1028.0  •   •   •  Changelog

Remote Desktop WebAccess (RD WebAccess) for Linux and Windows allows system administrators to share and manage access to virtual applications and desktops.

Define a personalised view of applications and desktops used for your employees or entire teams and save valuable time when setting up virtual workspaces.

Users can access their applications or desktops from literally any device.

Download for free and try RD WebAccess for 14-days.

RD AdvancedSecurity

Version 1.2.1028.0  •   •   •  Changelog
Version 1.2.1028.0  •   •   •  Changelog

Enable GeoIP & Bruteforce Protection, time controlled logons for users / groups and automatic certificate handling to add an additional layer of security to your RD WebServices instances.


RD WebServices

RD WebServices is a collection of tools containing following products: RD AdvancedSecurity (Add-on), RD Gateway and RD WebAccess.

Essentially, the functionality of our RD Gateway and RD WebAccess products is the same as Microsoft's Remote Desktop Roles of the same name but are not limited to Windows only.


Add an extra layer of security for your users with Thincast Authenticator available for Android and iOS. The first factor is the user's password and the second is provided via our mobile Thincast Authenticator.

Think security first.
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